Executive Testimonials

Irene is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. She brings a real human warmth to the recruiting and human resource management process. It’s very hard not to like Irene - which is important in attracting and retaining the best people - since she quickly becomes the face of the company. I recommend Irene very highly.
— Rick Smith - CEO at TASER International

Irene is an accomplished and dedicated human capital professional and exceptional in her ability to find strong talent. She has been a great partner and was instrumental in assisting me in scaling up www.Evidence.Com team in Santa Barbara, CA. I have also found her innovative in the methods she applies to finding talent and matching it to requirements as well as passionate about developing human capital that she has recruited and placed. She is a solid partner for any Senior Level executive interested in need of a Bay Area executive search company to build a great organization.
— Jas Dhillon - Chief Digital Officer and President - Digital, Product and Reporting Solutions at Ipsos

Irene is a passionate and intuitive human resources professional. Irene has recruited executives at the highest level in public and private companies. Irene exudes integrity. She represented our company well and I am confident she would represent any company with whom she chooses to affiliate with competency, professionalism, loyalty and passion.
— Don Hawley - Founder, Chairman & CEO at IGT - Innovative Green Technologies

Recruiting Testimonials & References

Irene is a hardworking and down to earth individual who thrives on challenges and is committed to leaving a mark with all the projects that she engages with. She was instrumental in enabling me recruit and build the software product and network teams in Santa Barbara and later provided invaluable assistance in planning and executing training programs for my business development and sales teams in Scottsdale. Irene is always open to new ideas and suggestions, and provides direct and constructive feedback on all people related initiatives. She has been a key member of the core management team at TASER and I wish her continued success.less
— Yogesh Saini - Entrepreneur

Working with Irene is a joy. She is always a thoughtful, attentive, hardworking, and professional with a “let’s get it done” attitude. Staffing and managing the new TASER Virtual Systems division in such a short time would not have been possible without her. I also have a tremendous respect for the integrity and perspective that she brings and fosters in the work culture.
— Christopher Van Vleit - CTO at Momentum Design Lab

I have contracted with Irene several times over the years and she does a great job of delivering relevant candidates whenever my company requires Silicon Valley executive placement. She is careful to take on only work that she can handle and she quickly learns the attributes of who you are looking for to provide good filtering. Highly recommended!
— Robert Dominy - Director of Engineering at Cobalt/ADP

Irene’s enthusiasm, hard work and knowledge of how to find quality talent makes her a great choice to help in recruiting the best talent to fit your organization. Irene came into CollabNet when we were barely 20 people and helped the company build itself to over 200 people in around a year’s time. Her contacts were superb in sourcing, her attitude helped keep candidates interested and she ensure they all had a great interviewing experience
— James Barry - VP of Services and Operations at Cloud Elements

Irene does a fantastic job of sourcing candidates at all levels of an organization and matching those candidates to the style and management of the company.
— Matt Rouse - Vice President of Operations at First American Home Buyers Protection

Irene was the head of our recruiting division at Netswork, Inc. She ran an excellent team that always found the talent we needed. On occasion our Silicon Valley executive placement needs were very specific and hard to find but Irene would always come through. She is a true professional and is very well connected in the industry.
— David Reed - VP of Service - Tidel Engineering