Our Executive Search Process


Define your search

Our executive search recruiters meet with you to collaborate  on crafting role specifications which  meet your recruiting requirements. We meet your team, gain an understanding of your unique company and its culture for success, before setting up an interview process together. We then complete a deep analysis of the market and create a compelling executive job placement profile. Market analysis is done to outline the competitive environment and direct our executive search process to the right potential talent for placement.   

Source and Present Candidates

Our executive search process is more intricate than just traditional headhunting. We begin by networking with successful, industry specific candidates at target companies.. As we develop interest and relationships, we then screen for the right sample fit. The qualification process identifies suitable candidates against a host of detailed criteria we have developed with our client. We then introduce candidates to you with resumes and write-ups. As we work together, we incorporate your feedback into our recruiting search strategy.


As an executive search recruiter, we have come to understand your guidelines and the candidates needs. We have set offer expectations to help close your top choice.  In the executive search processes, we take “360 degree” references to help insure best fit. Then we coach client and candidate through to a successful close

Continued Partnership

Our executive search process concludes with a  follow up, by checking with both client and successful hire to insure success and long term satisfaction for both parties. We are able to assist with onboarding at client request. Our partnering role as executive search recruiter usually extends into the future as we look to build company ties to ensure long-lasting growth through qualified placements.