We provide executive corporate coaching and business mentoring to improve performance strength at any level. Our on-line assessment for individual performance helps to identify key metrics revealing strengths and deficiencies

Targeted Executive Corporate Coaching

The assessment tool used in our executive corporate coaching program identifies 12 key intrinsic drivers of individual performance thinking which have shown to be the root cause of success or failure for employees. Correcting the performance driver levels of existing employees through targeted coaching has tremendous impact on companies’ bottom line results.

The diagnostic evaluation is patented and has been built upon 25 years of work in clinical brain-mapping and business strategy research. It has been independently validated for statistical significance, used by hundreds of companies, and is EEOC compliant.

Online performance coaching provides a one-on-one training and development program- targeted to an employee’s performance driver deficiencies for their business position.

These performance coaching courses are implemented in up to seven, 1-hour duration, once per week, online coaching sessions. Typically, we help each participant increase their individual performance by 10% to 30% in just 7 weeks – moving the participants towards top levels of business performance while also boosting their job satisfaction and feeling of worth.

This is one of the fastest, most effective tools for change we have ever seen. It is easy to use and extremely cost effective as you compare it to other leadership or employee development coaching options.
— Don Hawley - Founder, Chairman & CEO at IGT - Innovative Green Technologies


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