The Science and Art of Placing Top Talent

The Science:

Experience + Skills + EI + Culture Match = A Great Hire

The Art:

Experience and Skills are fairly easy to find, given the right network. Emotional Intelligence and matching and individual to the right company culture is all in the ArtofSearch.

For al types of organizations , culture and engagement is a huge trend. If there is a great match productivity and profitability increases.

When looking for top talent for a client the first thing to do is get to know your client. Their technology, their competitive landscape, and how they envision their future.  However, you really need to get  to know them, what comprises their unique culture. What unique set of beliefs, values and behaviors dictate how they work together and handle outside business transactions. Once there is a strong understanding of what motivates everyone and how structured or unstructured the company it is time to move on to team dynamics and then to understanding the unique set of skills for the role and what the mission of that role is. This information dictates the experience needed.

At this point it is time to create a profile of the ideal candidate matching experience, skills and culture. As a student of Emotional Intelligence I am always looking for those with a strong sense of self awareness along with other factors I know predict success for a particular role.

I love job boards, social networking sites and any of the various tools that help us locate great and applicable talent. However finding a resume which indicates skills and experience is not finding a “fit”. This is where the art of matching client culture, values and mission to the person with the skills and experience and the same mental attitude comes in. It takes time, it takes relationship building and it takes the experience of a trained search professional.

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To be successful you need to plan and execute. Looking for a job is a job and needs to exhibit the same athletic rigors we all apply everyday in the workplace. Then we will increase the likelihood of success and winning the race.

1. Begin a training regimeNT.  

An athlete prepares for success long before the day of the race. A campaign to find your next position takes planning and record keeping of your progress. Your executive search campaign may take months. List out your target organizations. List out all of your contacts. Keep a log of your calls, texts, emails and letters. Track your responses so that you really know what works and use it again. 

2. Map out your course.

Before a runner begins a race he studies the track and knows every turn. You too need to know the companies you want to work for and understand their needs before you interview. That way you are prepared. When a hiring manager learns that you have taken the time to learn about them and their needs it is impressive. Going the next step to demonstrate how you are able to meet those needs is what wins the race. 

3. Know your strengths and weakness

Like any athlete, shore up those weakness and build on your strengths. You do not need to be everything a company needs. Simply demonstrate that you are a strong value add in a few key areas. If you are a more senior candidate applying to a start up with a younger employee base emphasize the wisdom and experience you are able to bring to the company. If you have energy to spare perhaps you will be the spark to an organization that needs a bit of revitalizing. 

4. Be recognizable.

Athletes want to be recognized and may perfect a style that makes that easy. Executives need to do the same thing. Spend time on your Linkedin profile. Highlight skills and experiences that will bring you a new position. Keep abreast of your industry and know what companies are looking for and add to your profile so as to be found. 


5. Develop more relationships.

Build on your network and reach out to executive search professionals who need to know you are looking.